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A reliable professional service 

Dog breeding can be confusing for breeders and owners, especially those just getting started.

Shropshire K9 services are fully qualified and are a  CPD accredited company  offering services in all Canine Fertility, and training in reproduction.

Offering services in Breeding, Semen Analysis, Semen Collection, Optimal Mating Time, Progesterone, Cytology, Artificial Insemination and Reverse Progesterone.

Help and advice is available with your breeding programme to ensure optimal breeding success with the health and safety of your dog / puppies being the highest of priority. If your looking at learning more on the canine reproduction system and then book one of our webinars series.

We have a fully functional in house clinic based in Shropshire we can also travel direct to your home to provide all the above services. This ensures safety or your dog and puppies with no hassle or disruption to your animals daily life. 

Travel within Shropshire may incur a small additional cost. 

Please feel free to view our social media pages for customer reviews.

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