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Artificial insemination is proven to be the most reliable and effective means of securing a pregnancy in a bitch.

 There is no reason why any dogs cannot breed naturally, however the benefits of artificial insemination are considerable.

Some dogs can be easily impaired for life if they have a bad experience. Some dominant females may not accept a particular male and this can make it difficult to keep a scheduled breeding programme on track. Pain experienced by one or both of the parties during mating, narrowness of the genital tract, or lack of libido can also be a contributing factor.

A fertile, less agile, older, stud dog will use less exertion so with this method if desired, he can still be included within the breeding programme for much longer.

Some dogs are more prone to problems related to injury, aggression or overheating, which relates directly to their physical shape. Their structure does not permit for easy mounting as the stud has to support more weight on his hind quarters. This can lead to overheating as they have to exert themselves repeatedly before effective mating occurs.

There are viral and bacterial infections.  Canine Herpes virus can be passed on during a natural breeding. This bacteria can be exchanged during mating and may contribute to the possibility of an infection arising or a unsuccessful pregnancy. 

Artificial insemination is especially useful within the bulldog breeds.

Shropshire K9 has vast experience and knowledge within the French Bulldog breed so please contact us for any questions or queries you may have.

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