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Progesterone Testing

The blood progesterone level is the number one way to accurately determine the optimum fertile period in the bitch.

Progesterone is also the best tool for quickly staging where a bitch is in her estrous cycle.

The progesterone test can be done every 2 days starting from around day 8 into the heat.

Ovulation occurs at a progesterone level of 5 ng/ml.

Blood progesterone levels has lots of benefits. 

Improves litter sizes due to catching the optimal breeding time of the bitch.

If the  stud dog is at a distant location arrangements can be made or semen can be sent.

When previous mating has failed to produce pregnancy better planning can be made.

 Reduces costs of unnecessary stud fees and ultrasound scans.

A very simple and quick an safe procedure with optimum results. 

Pregnancy Ultrasound 

Are you looking to have your girl diagnosed in pup? Check for a healthy pregnancy?

 Or rule out pyometra ? 

Scanning is non invasive and safe for your your bitch, .

An ultra sound gel is used on your bitch , to help ensure a clear picture, a small amount of hair on heavily coated breeds may need to be clipped away to for optimum scan quality but this is only ever done with the owners permission.

Most scans take between 15-30 minutes and confidentiality assured.

The scan involves a detailed examination of the abdomen to confirm pregnancy .

Pregnancy detection can be carried out 28-30  days from the last mating and at anytime thereafter.

 30 -35 days is the optimum time for estimating the amount of puppies due,

Larger images can be achieved with connection of our HDMI cable from the scanning machine to your home tv for the whole family to experience in the joyful news of a expectant litter. Videos/Pictures can be taken. 

Reverse ​Progesterone Testing 

 From time to time breeders can’t always be 100% sure on what day of pregnancy their female may be due  on and more importantly if their female decides to whelp earlier than expected.

In some cases when there is uncertainty on whether a bitch is in labour and whelping is imminent or where there is doubt on timing of a C-Section. Reverse progesterone testing is a valuable tool as the hormone progesterone falls to a certain level around the time puppies are ready to be born.

A breeders worst nightmare is often “Single Puppy Syndrome” this state of only carrying a single fetus sees a much higher incidence of pregnancy failure and also Primary Inertia” a condition where a bitch fails to go into productive labour and expel the puppy, too often breeders are told by their veterinary surgeon to go home and wait for nature to take its course but this can sometimes lead to loss of the puppy (or puppies) if the progesterone level has already fallen and the bitch has failed to whelp,if in doubt Reverse Progesterone Testing can be beneficial in knowing when to intervene.


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