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Semen Analysis

We offer a complete service in semen evaluation , to fully assess the fertility of your stud dog.

Semen is checked before insemination.

We check the semen immediately after collection, testing its volume, colour, concentration, motility, count, progression , and check the shape for any defects.


Semen Extraction 

Semen can be collected from most males without the need for an bitch.

If the male appears nervous or this is his first time then a teaser bitch may help.

 The use of an in heat bitch will almost certainly speed up the procedure and allow more sperm to be harvested. If a bitch is used, she should be controlled with her rear quarters facing the male.

Shropshire K9 has a portfolio of stud dogs available within the Shropshire area all health tested and sperm analysised. 

If you would like your stud to join the portfolio please contact Rebecca 07944881614 for more details.

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