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Puppy Feeder 

Shropshire K9 is now offering these fantastic puppy feeders to hire/rent on a weekly basis.

We have a variety of sizes that help assist puppies and kittens needing that little extra help with feeding.

These feeders are made from 100% medical silicone which allows puppy or kitten to pad at the soft material to stimulate the milk flow.

It allows amongst other things to relieve the mother in the event of a large litter or a late start in milk production or insufficient milk or In the event of a caesarean section or mastitis this aids feeding without hand bottle feeding. It is considerable time saver. 

The puppy feeder helps to keep babies in a more natural position and thus avoids stress manipulation, aspiration and pigeon chest.

For any more details please contact. 

Please visit my Facebook page to view more pictures and customer videos and reviews.

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